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La via del sale


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On this page, you will find our Menu divided into APPETIZERS, FIRST DISHES, SECOND DISHES, and DESSERTS.


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La Via del Sale awaits you in Turin at Via San Francesco da Paola 2

For table reservations, you can contact us at 011 888389



Old fashioned cold veal with tuna sauce

€ 11,00


Anchiovies in green sauce (parsley, garlic, capers and chilli) with mountain potatoes*

€ 11,00


Piedmontese Blonde Hen salad with balsamic vinegar, raisins, pine nuts and Carmagnola Horn Peppers vanilla jam

€ 11,00


Carmagnola Ox-Horn Peppers rolls stuffed with tuna, capers, anchovies and breadcrumbs

€ 11,00


Millefeuille aubergine, heart of tomatoes and Toma from Valchiusella cheese

€ 11,00


Raw thigh of Piedmont Fassone with flakes of Parmigliano Reggiano 24 months

€ 12,00


Prawn shard with Pepperoni and croutons

€ 12,00

Warm salad of squid and prawns cooked at the time with taggiasche olive pesto on mountain potato bed

€ 12,00

Octopus tentacles in puff pastry basket stuffed with tomato vegetables,

on potato cream delicately flavored with garlic and chilli

erved with caramelized cherry tomatoes

€ 12,00


First courses

Ravioli “del plin” (pinched ravioli with a stuffing of three meats) with the sauce of the roast meat

€ 13,00


Thin tagliatelle with a Carmagnola Gray Rabbit sauce and zucchini of the farmhouse

€ 12,00


Thin tagliatelle sautéed with fresh tomato seedless, Taggiasche olives pitted and flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months D.O.P.

€ 12,00


Courgettes carbonara

€ 12,00


Borage ravioli and ricotta with walnut pesto and marjoram

€ 12,00


The smiles, stuffed pasta with fig and goat cheese, served with stracciatella cheese, pistachios of Bronte, cream of peppers and shrimps

€ 13,00


Ravioli stuffed with scallops and prawns sautéed with seedless tomato fillets, capers of Salina and olives Taggiasca del Ponente Ligure

€ 13,00


Tajarin with brandy-flavoured prawns and zucchini

€ 13,00


Hemp dumplings with squid, sea bass, shrimps and cherry tomatoes

€ 13,00


Second courses

Fillet of beef with Barbaresco sauce (aged red wine)

€ 20,00


Fillet of beef with mountain Castelmagno cheese

€ 22,00


Cube of beef cooked in a cream of Carmagnola Ox-Horn Peppers served with mashed mountain potatoes*

€ 19,00


Cut of entrêcote with rosemary and Himalaya pink salt

€ 17,00


Pork tenderloin with Cavour apples and Erbaluce di Caluso (white wine)

€ 15,00


Casseroled Carmagnola Gray Rabbit in Arneis (white wine) and Taggiasche Olives with backed potatoes

€ 15,00


Beef braised in Barolo (red wine) with mashed mountain potatoes*

€ 15,00


Fillet of sea bass fillet with seasonal vegetables and mountain potatoes *

€ 16,00


Crock of squid with fresh tomato with mountain potatoes *, olives, capers and anchovies

€ 16,00


Brandy's scented prawns

€ 18,00



La tarte tatin

Typical dessert with renette apples, sugar and butter on Brisèe pasta served with liquid cream or Calvados or vanilla gealto of Manara of Madagascar

€ 4/6


Charlotte Creole

Creamy creamy cream ice cream with sponge cake and vanilla and Grand Marnier liqueurs wrapped with hot dark chocolate

€ 6


The Piedmontese bonet 

Dessert with spoon typical of Langhe with eggs raised on the ground, sugar, chocolate, amaretti, milk and caramel

€ 6


Paste di Meliga e Moscato Passito

The pastes of Meliga del Monregalese (typical of the area of Mondovì and characterized by the dough made by mixing in equal parts wheat flour and corn flour "Ottofile", butter of the valleys of Monregalese, eggs raised on the ground, zest and honey) and the torcepts of Agliè accompanied with Moscato Passito

€ 6


Ananas fresco

served in the wild on a bed of icing sugar or accompanied by a maraschino liqueur or with red or white port

€ 4/6


I sorbetti Menodiciotto

Amalfi lemon served smoothly or with Vodka

The green apple Granny Smith served smooth or with Calvados

Late tangerine of Ciaculli served smooth or with brandy

€ 4/6


Gelato alla crema con frutti di bosco

Cream ice cream served with hot berries

€ 6

Tasting menu € 35 per person

Including an appetizer, a first course, a second course, and a dessert.
Coalvi Piedmont Fassone veal with tuna in old style
"La Via del Sale" anchovies with “bagnetto verde” and warm mountain potatoes.
Paduan chicken salad with balsamic vinegar, raisins and pine nuts with Carmagnola Corno di Bue pepper jam with vanilla. 
Savory brisè pasta strudel stuffed with Montalto Dora cabbage, PGI Montella chestnuts, Bra cotechino and Cervere leek and PDO fontina cheese 
Albenga artichoke hearts salad with PDO 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, and gourmet lemon glaze.

Plin Agnolotti stuffed with three meats with roast meat sauce
Langa Tajarin with Albenga artichoke hearts creamed with PDO 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano. 
Langa tajarin with Bra sausage, Nebbiolo and PGI Montella chestnuts.
Pumpkin cream of Rocchetta di Cengio with a heart of PDO 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano fondue.
Rocchetta di Cengio pumpkin cream soup and fondue heart of PDO 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano.
The mountain potato gnocchi * with cream of PDO Castelmagno d'Alpeggio.
Pumpkin ravioli with 24 months PDO Parmigiano Reggiano cream flavored with rosemary

Zero kilometer pork fillet from  “Cascina Scaglia di Rivoli” with Caluso Erbaluce and Renette di Cavour apples
Casserole of Carmagnola Gray Rabbit with Arneis and Taggiasca olives
Piedmont Fassone Roast veal braised in Barolo, with mountain potato puree
Stewed Nebbiolo wild boar bites with "Pignoletto Rosso" polenta of Mulino Piova.

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