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La via del sale


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The Inn

Come to visit us if you want to rediscover the pleasure of a real inn in the heart of Turin, ideal after the theater or for a late dinner, a place where traditional flavors are expressed through the best local products. 


La Via del sale

Why “The Salt Route?” Because salt or "white gold" has marked man's life for millennia. The history of salt is that of salt pans and salt mines. 
The story of fleets sailing across seas and oceans, caravans crossing deserts, mountains and boundless plains. The story of rich merchants but also of poor smugglers, living along rivers, mountains, and coasts of Europe, Africa, China, and America..
Salt has crossed cultures, has built social and cultural, economic and religious relationships, has spread customs and traditions, beliefs, myths, and legends. 


About us

For years this place was the Brancaleone, then it gradually changed, decayed and finally deceased. An inn, with Piedmontese and Ligurian cuisine as clearly expressed by its name La Via del Sale, took its place, crossing the two regions. Of course, the menu is a real journey along this path, with a comparison of dishes representing the two regions. Among the appetizers, you will often find Albenga artichokes along with warm green anchovies and octopus, both with mountain potatoes. Piedmont specialty dishes are cold cuts, veal with tuna sauce in old style (without mayonnaise), wild boar bacon (from Valle d'Aosta) with caramelized chestnuts. First courses range from Plin agnolotti stuffed with beef, pork, and rabbit meat to linguine with mullet roes and artichokes, to delicious spaghetti with prawns ragù. Again, a meat/fish competition between second courses, with an ox or pork fillet, wild boar stew, rabbit roll, baked sea bream and sea bass and delicious stir-fried prawns with artichokes. 

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